About Us

Heir Kid - “Everyone’s future generation

At Heir Kid, we aim to teach children from the moment they are born that they are not only Heirs to our legacy but key holders to the Heirs of every generation. Heir Kid is for our kids, your kids, we are all born Heirs to this planet.

Little footprints create giant ripples of change. The Heir Kid wants to inhabit a world where we don’t compromise integrity for fashion and value quality over quantity. We are Heirs, we are change-makers.

Heir Kid always keeps the environment in mind from the design process to the finished product.The vibrant fabrics worn by our planets Heirs are made from non-toxic dyes that are made with the use of food waste, plants, fruits and vegetables. All our clothing is dyed with an earth-friendly dyeing process with low water consumption and treatment of textile effluents. We reuse water during the washing processes which reduces water waste by up to 3000 litres over one
clothing items lifetime. Compared to a regular t-shirt.

The future is brighter for every Heir Kid whose favourite sweater made by us was once worn by her older brother that she can pass down to little her sister because we believe quality is longevity. Our long-lasting clothing represents the memories of every little Heir generation after generation.

“Little footprints, giant change” - Heir Kid

What makes Heir Kid standout from the crowd? We strive to teach the future generations, that nothing goes to waste. Since we value sustainability without compromising quality, we construct our garments with leftover material from premium brands around the world; that’s over 100,000 meters of excess fabric!

Heir Kid wants to do something about the 100BN items of clothing and 500BN plastic bottles that take decades to decompose in landfills around the world. Did you know that all textiles and plastic can recycled and turned into yarn and reused repeatedly? We are proud to be a sustainable children’s brand that uses recycled fabrics made of post-consumer recycled materials and plastic

Each Heir Kid item is made in Canada. By manufacturing our garments in Canada, we hope to contribute a positive shift to the unfortunate decline in the domestic manufacturing industry while at the time same lowering our carbon footprint by sourcing within Canada.

Heir Kid - “Little footprints of change for future generations